Donbest XML

Welcome to the Don Best Sports Data API!

The Don Best API consists of two parts: one REST API and a Streaming Message API.

The Don Best REST API methods allow developers to access current contest and lines information. This includes the scheduled of contests and propositions in the coming days, opening lines, current lines, scores and team information. The REST API does not allow access to historical data, it is used to show current contests and related information. If you require archived data please direct your enquiry to Streaming API provides near real-time high-volume access to line changes.

You must generate and use a token to access the RESTful API : /v2/token

All requests should end with /?token=[token], optional lastquery parameter lets you filter results by timestamp.
/v2/odds/1/?token=[token]&lastquery=[UTC timestamp]

Feed Summary

Current Schedule The schedule feeds contain upcoming scheduled competitions and propositions for the next several days. These feeds do not contain competitions that have already been played prior to the current day.

Scores Live scores feeds contain the state of the live competition, current scores and period summary. We ensure that our period scores are correct without using 3rd party providers which means our scores are live and accurate.

Lines Lines feed contains current odds set by market making Sports Books for major North American and European sports.
Opening / Closing Lines /v2/open/1/?token=[token], /v2/close/1/?token=[token]

Event State *new Tracks changes to an event including time/date change, rain delay as well as start, final and halftime.

Look up feeds:

Location A list of Stadium and Arenas for all competitions in our schedule feed. /v2/location

Sport A list of Sports covered by Don Best Sports /v2/sport

League A list of Leagues covered by Don Best Sports /v2/league

Team A list of Teams covered by Don Best Sports /v2/team

Sports Books A list of Sports Books covered by Don Best Sports /v2/sportsbook